At Salumificio Subalpino we have always put the quality of the finished product first. We carefully search for raw materials and ingredients that can be enhanced through the traditional production process, but which also embraces innovation thanks to recently installed machinery and continuous research into new and modern processing techniques.

Recipes handed down from generation to generation, selection of fine cuts, ingredients and spices with a unique aroma: these are just some of the key points on which our company has focused for over 80 years.

A fundamental factor is the use of 100% Italian pork, which is selected from local slaughterhouses that operate with the utmost respect for hygiene and animal welfare. With daily scheduled deliveries, we are able to supply the freshest products in order to always guarantee the maximum freshness of our products.

Our suppliers also pay incredible attention to maintaining the cold chain, which is further inspected by our staff during unloading. A large part of our products is in fact produced with 100% Italian meat, which is carefully processed by our experienced, qualified personnel who have been trained over the years.

Moreover, we have always collaborated with prestigious suppliers of raw materials, packaging and materials, located within a few kilometers of the company and who share our principles and attention to quality.