Our selection of products includes raw and sliced salami, spicy salami, coppa, pancetta and lard, Piedmontese and regional specialties, cooked and roasted ham, assorted cold cuts.

From a skilful blend of tradition, passion and innovation come products that will satisfy all palates, from the most refined to the most daring. Explore the pages of our tantalizing catalogue and discover a wide range of flavors and colors.

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Products Raw salami - Salumificio Subalpino: salumi di Langa

Raw salami

Our raw salami have always been the result of thorough research into the consumer’s taste: each recipe, in fact, has a mix of tradition and innovation to bring the typical taste of old fashioned salami to family tables. With every slice, the palate feels a pleasant emotion thanks to the careful selection of top quality raw ingredients, the passion for processing and a refined blend of spices and aromas.
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Products Raw salami to be sliced - Salumificio Subalpino: salumi di Langa

Raw salami to be sliced

Perfect for delicatessen counters, the raw salami to be sliced are exclusively made with only the freshest Italian meat. The quality is the same as raw salami, the only thing that changes is the size, which in this case means that it can be sliced by machine and stuffed in tasty sandwiches or served as a delicious appetizer.
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Products Spicy raw salami - Salumificio Subalpino: salumi di Langa

Spicy raw salami

Our spicy salami line is decisive and captivating. Pleasantly intense with a vibrant taste, much appreciated by even the most daring palates. Particularly suitable for pizza and focaccia and are often found on Italian tables on a platter of cold cuts and cheeses: the typical Italian aperitivo.
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Products Piedmontese specialities - Salumificio Subalpino: salumi di Langa

Piedmontese specialities

Piedmont is an incredible land, rich in gastronomic excellences. We are talking about the Barolo wine and the precious Alba Truffle, from which a series of products very deeply connected to this land were created. In addition to the characteristic raw salami, there is also the delicious Langhe-style cooked salame, as unique as it is tasty, and cooked tongue which, together with bagnetto verde, is one of the main appetizers of traditional Piedmontese cuisine.
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Products Regional specialities - Salumificio Subalpino: salumi di Langa

Regional specialities

Only the best Italian specialties selected to offer a sensational mix of gastronomic flavors from traditional Southern and middle Italy: The Sicilian sausage, Spianata Romana, the unmistakable taste of the Venetian Soppressa with garlic, and the Tuscan salami with fennel.
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Products Coppa, pancette and lard - Salumificio Subalpino: salumi di Langa

Coppa, pancette and lard

From pancetta, which is extremely versatile in the kitchen, to coppa, which always has its place on the table, without forgetting lard, which is ideal on hot crostini (small slices of grilled or toasted bread): the true taste of Italian charcuterie can be recognized in these simple products, which are able to release an intense harmony of flavors.
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Products Cooked and roasted hams - Salumificio Subalpino: salumi di Langa

Cooked and roasted hams

The best pork thighs selected and cooked by our experts in order to give the customer the highest quality: from cooked ham ideal for a healthy snack to the fine Prosciutto cotto al Tartufo, where the Langhe and cooked ham become one. Our roasted ham are notable for their particular aroma and golden-brown exterior.
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Products Roasts - Salumificio Subalpino: salumi di Langa


From the artisanal porchetta to the pink heart of roast beef, to the true taste of Piedmontese tunè, our roasts are ideal for outdoor picnics, formal lunches or snacks in the countryside. The experience and the baking process are key to these perfect products, the result of a strict selection of prime raw materials that bring back the memory of old fashioned flavors.
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Products Assorted delights - Salumificio Subalpino: salumi di Langa

Assorted delights

Experience of centuries in meat processing handed down to us by our ancestors is a precious gift that the whole world envies. In fact, it is no coincidence that Italian charcuterie is recognized everywhere. Each product has a story to tell, unique in its kind and capable of satisfying the most demanding palates.
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